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Due to China’s enormous size and diverse environment, it is not possible for an international traveler to experience its myriad treasures such as the Yangtze River, the Great Wall of China, the pastoral villages that dot the country, and some of the most magnificent works of art and architecture from China the world without a good travel agency. Tourism and travel

luxury Travel agencies across China:

Travel agencies across China go beyond the traditional elements of a vacation, such as Beijing, the Great Wall, the Yangtze cruise ship, and the Terracotta Army. The slope is now towards a greater variation; And there is a demand among international travelers for the traditional experience of China. Regions like Yunnan in the southwest with their pebble woodland are now frequently originate in travel agency flyers. Unknown regions such as Shaxi to the west of Beijing or Shadong to the east are promoted. China Highlights Travel measured travelers’ interest in China’s historical sites and has introduced an “18-day Chinese historical tour”.

luxury Travel agencies offer customized packages

An increasing number of travel agencies offer customized packages based on the individual interests and budget of travelers. For example, China Tour Service offers tailor-made tours such as Yangtze River Cruise, Tibetan Adventure, Silk Road Tours, Shangri-La China Tours. And World Heritage Tours. China Highlights Travel offers Yangtze River cruises on a selection of more than 40 ships, including the luxurious Victoria cruises. The luxurious 5-star East Queen, the smaller but comfortable Princess Sissi, and inexpensive ferries that natives take as vessels. daily transport.

luxury travel Custom Tours

China Custom Tours with affiliates in China and the United States offers tours of special interest. The travel agency focuses both on popular spots and off-the-beaten-path spots. They organize tour packages and travel arrangements for individuals, groups, business leaders, and professional and educational communities. And complement their programs with international air events, visa processing. And a travel protection plan.


Whether your travel interests range from biking to remote villages or a shopping marathon in the big cities, eating Western food or ‘high on chopsticks’. A cruise or sightseeing, it’s worth taking the time to choose one good travel agency.

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